InstaRipper is providing a solution for your lost Instagram account. This innovative and compliant password recovery application is a must-have tool for Instagram users who lost their passwords for varied reasons.

We understand the risk behind creating software that InstaRipper is capable of doing. And as such, we have to make sure that users understand their responsibilities. We have stringent terms and conditions when downloading the software and remind the users about illegal use of this software.

What is InstaRipper?

With our goal to bring innovative software that can help people with their Instagram, our team developed software that can retrieve Instagram passwords in matter of minutes. InstaRipper can work on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices, using the hacking method called Brute-Force Attack.

This effective technology is integrated inside the InstaRipper. What it does is to work on Instagram’s login page. Before, it was difficult to hack into Instagram because if you fail to login after three consecutive attempts, it will block your IP address. What we did is to make a “mask” so that we have a new IP address after a few failed logins.

Our app has its own VPN server that creates virtual IP addresses for unlimited hacking attempts. This app is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to run. We are continually improving the software to respond to Instagram’s security system automatically.

After a few tweaks on this software, we are now proud to announce the final and fully working version of InstaRipper is now ready to use. Because we understand our users and their needs, trust us to provide you with the right solution.