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Before proceeding to the download. Please read the Terms of Use policy below which you have to agree with before using the InstaRipper application. Because of its hacking nature ability, and to protect its creators from any legal action(s) which may have occur by wrongly usage of this program, it's necessary to obey these conditions.

Terms of Use

InstaRipper software is allowed to be used only as a password recovery solution. Which means to find Instagram password of your own hacked, lost, or forgotten account.

The second allowed activity of this tool is to use it for parental control purpose. Which means parents can use this application to get inside their minor children' accounts to check if they're on target by internet abusers or some other similar online criminals.

It's strongly prohibited to use InstaRipper to hack someones Instagram account without their knowledge and previous agreement. By doing so, you'll held any risks and responsibility which may have occur after and we (authors & developers of this software and website) will not be responsible for any repercussions of stated unallowed actions.

The statements from three paragraphs above also applies to the other methods to hack Instagram account we explained.

InstaRipper Registration Key which users get together with the app should not be used on another device(s) then on the one which InstaRipper is first installed on. Using same registration key on multiple devices will cause the app getting blocked by our automatic security system.

Instagram Followers Adder, Instagram Likes Adder and Instagram Private Profile Viewer tools are aimed for personal use only and charging for services by using these apps is not allowed. It's against our policy to use Followers Adder & Likes Adder's features to add followers/likes to Instagram accounts which you do not own and/or without owners prior permission.

The previous versions V1 and v.1.2.0 are shut down and will no longer work. So please download the latest updated version by clicking the button.