Registration Key

InstaRipper Registration Key

After Installing InstaRipper, users will get their registration key together with the tool which they can download from inside the app by a unique download link which is valid for one-time activation for one device only.

The problem is that there are many users who share they registration code with other people, who probably didn’t read in our terms of service policy that it’s prohibited to share the registration key with anyone. This will cause suspension of all devices when our automatic security system detects that more than one device is using a same license key.

To prevent our software from getting hacked and being used by bots to mass-hack people’s Instagram accounts and their private information, we are forced to keep with this strict protocol with registering the tool with unique registration key for each device. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Users who need a new registration key, they can download it by clicking the button below.

Get the Key Here

And remember, do not share it with anyone else. It should be yours only!