How to Hack Instagram Account - Full Tutorial

- The Best Working Methods of 2024.

On this page you will find the other methods except InstaRipper which are used to hack Instagram accounts.

Table of Content:
#1 - Keylogger
#1.1 - What is the Best Keylogger to Hack Instagram Account?
#2 - Brute-Force
#3 - Phishing

Of course, InstaRipper is not the only way to make access inside an Instagram profile successfully. And today we are going to explain the each of working methods in detailed step by step tutorial. The methods are gathered from leading & most reliable hacking related blogs and forums. All are checked and tested before we decided to add them to the list. So, make yourself comfortable and focused for reading because here we go!

Method #1 - Using a Keylogger (The Best Method)

Since Instagram is visited by users in 99% cases from smartphones & tablets (comparing to desktop computers), we are going to talk about a mobile keylogger here.

What is a keylogger?
It's an application made to monitor keystrokes on a certain device and store it inside a logs documents or automatically send it to a server or email address of the keylogger's administrator.

This means that if you install a keylogger app on someone’s mobile phone, you can spy on everything they typed on their keyboard when they are texting with someone from any messaging app (Facebook, Instagram, SMS, WhatsApp, any other!). Everything what they typed anywhere inside their cellphone from the moment a keylogger is installed on their device will be sent to your keylogger's account or your email address.

But the THING with a keylogger is, How to Install it on someone’s phone without being noticed?

After a keylogger is installed and running on device, it can't be noticed because its process is running in a background of operating system, and it will auto-run itself every time a device is turned on. But the question is, how to install it without victim's knowing?

There are two ways to install a keylogger: physically and remotely.

Physical way is much simpler. You just have to catch a right moment when a phone's owner leaves their device somewhere for a moment, and you grab your chance and install your keylogger. You can prepare before to have it accessible from your email or Dropbox account, or on a memory card, in case it's about Android phone.

You can also try to trick your victim with some creative social engineering skill to give you their phone for a minute. Reasons: "Can I have your phone for a moment to watch some YouTube video, I'm ran out of internet memory" or anything else what you think it can work.

Installing a keylogger remote way requires the use of social engineering skills to be able to trick your "victim" that the program you're sending them is something else then it actually is. Obviously, you are not going to tell them that you're sending them an app to spy them. Skilled hackers often use a tricks such as faking email titles to look something that it has been sent from trustworthy company. Let's say something like this example: "Software Update Required to Keep Your Operating System Safe". Then they try to make their victim to download this update file and run it, thinking it's the actual official updated version of whatever. After they run the program keylogger gets installed silently on their device.

There is also a software called "binder" which can connect two different files in one, and when run both will execute. For example, you bind an image file (.jpg) and a keylogger (.exe, .apk, etc.) into one. You say to your target "Hey, take a look at this image". After they run the file, the actual image will get opened, but also the keylogger too, without them knowing it.

The key is to think outside the box, make something creative and make it look legit.

What is The Best Keylogger to Hack Instagram Account?

There are several good keyloggers to track Android or iOS devices. However, to make your life easier and save you time for research, we did a comparison of several of them and came to conclusion that currently the best one on the market is the mSpy.

Why mSpy is the best cellphone spying software?

mSpy is not just an ordinary keylogger. It has much more very useful features what makes it to the No.1 position amongst its competition

mSpy Features:

  • Running in Stealth Mode
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Monitoring all Messaging Apps Chat Logs (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Tinder, etc.)
  • Spying Outcoming & Incoming Calls
  • See All Saved Data on a Phone (images, videos, messages, etc.)
  • Works on Android & iOS

Where to Download the mSpy?

mspy iconThe mSpy software is unfortunately not available for free, but it’s totally worth to have it if you compare all its features to the other methods you can use to hack Instagram.

To purchase it, visit the mSpy Official Website.

Once you download it, the first step is to install the mSpy on your device (smartphone or PC) from where you’ll be able to control and track device(s) you decided to spy.
The next step is to install the mSpy on your victim’s mobile phone. We already described ways to do this. Scroll above to read about physical way and remote way.

Once you did everything right you will always be able to keep any eye on a desired phone you’re tracking and view all of activity your target is doing, at any time of the day.

Method #2 to Hack Instagram Password - Brute-Force

A brute-force method requires the use of special developed software built to attack a login page of Instagram with thousands of possible combinations of passwords in shortest time possible (hacking speed depends on device’s CPU power, but also on a software itself).

InstaRipper is a such software. And since this entire website is its official site by itself, we won’t waste too much time repeating again to describe its features.
Just in short, InstaRipper is an enhanced modified version of classic bruteforce tool, since it has IP address changer plugin in its code which automatically sets a new IP after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. If there is no this, Instagram would block its access to its site as soon after third failed login try.

Why InstaRipper is not the No.1 method to hack Instagram?

Even though InstaRipper will work perfectly to crack a password and make you access to desired Instagram account, if you compare it to a keylogger it’s still lacking at many ways, which are:

You will get password and be able to login inside, but what happens if an Instagram user enabled login notifications inside their settings. If they get an email or SMS claiming someone logged into their account from unusual location & device, if they are smart & quick enough, they will probably change their Instagram password as faster as possible.

That’s why if your option is go with InstaRipper, you better be quick once after you login into your desired hacked account because you can’t be sure if an owner will notice you break inside their profile.

Method #3 – Phishing

Phishing is the method which is often used by hackers, not just to hack Instagram account, but it’s possible to hack any online account in general with it.

We have to say at beginning that unlike keylogging and InstaRipper, to perform a phishing method you need a PC/laptop or some desktop computer because it’s very hard, if not impossible to set it up using a mobile phone.

So, phishing is the method where a hacker clones login page and make/design it to look exactly like the one he’s planning to hack someone from. In this case Instagram.

For those who don't know, every website is made of code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), text and graphic files, which all together are creating a website what you can see when going to its URL address. All these website files must be hosted somewhere where they are available online 24/7 so visitors can reach them. That means you need to have your own website hosting to upload these files of your made website.

Every website also needs to have its unique URL address what we can say it’s the website unique name. That is called a domain. For example, “”.
To make your phishing cloned Instagram’s login page you need to choose something which looks like Instagram, that ordinary visitors won’t notice it’s the fake site. You have to search for a domain availability with similar names, like for example “”, “”, “” – You know what I mean? I didn’t check these examples if they are available to register, but you have to be creative here.

So, phishing is not possible to operate without DOMAIN and HOSTING. You have to buy bought of these.

There are also free ones, but we do not recommend going with free options when you are doing phishing because all of these websites have their security systems which will automatically scan your first website for illegal activity, and when they notice you are doing phishing (Which is illegal), your account will get instantly suspended.

Paid plans will work better and safer. So you have to search for a domain provider and hosting provider.

You can register both domain and hosting together on websites like,,, There are also many other ones. It’s your choice what to go for.

And to save you time and nerves solving how to make Instagram cloned login page, we already have a finished one. You can download it here.
- Password to open the file: InstaRipper123 (Watch for capital letters).

We didn’t build it by ourselves but found it on another website. It looks good and will work fine. We tested it before to be 100% sure it works.

After you extract all these files in a folder, just upload them into your hosting account. You have to go to:
cPanel dashboard > File Manager, then upload all these files into “public_html” folder. If there was file named “default.php” before, delete it.

After you finished that, in case you previously connected your bought domain name to your hosting account with its nameservers, test your website by going to your domain name address in your browser’s window. It needs to show an Instagram login page. If yes, it means you are ready to start “fishing” your victims.

The key with phishing is you have to be creative how to send your website’s link to your victims. We already mentioned some examples when we were talking about a keylogger in the 1st method above.

You need to act convincingly. Either fake your emails when sending them to your victims representing yourself as an Instagram’s Security Check Team, or use your imagination when sending your messages to your “friends” who you are planning to hack. Creativity and social engineering skills are the major keys when it comes to hacking anything, not just Instagram accounts.

Hope you will choose the right method for your needs.
Wish you a good luck in your hacking journey!


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