Instagram Private Profile Viewer

We're excited to present you the newest feature of our InstaRipper's tool which is from now on released to the download section too!

Instagram Private Profile Viewer

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* Works on: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

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How to view private Instagram profiles?

After Instagram password hacker and Instagram followers adder features of InstaRipper are successfully finished, we decided to move on with cracking mighty Instagram's database. As you know already, some Instagram's users decide to make their photos and videos visible only for their followers. Some are even not accepting everyone to be able to follow them. In case you don't know them personally and you're interested to see what they've shared on their profile, you had only one option until today: To make a fake Instagram account pretending to be someone else, and hope they will catch a bite and accept your follow request.

But from today and on, you have another option, easier and faster - Use the Instagram Private Profile Viewer tool!
As its name says, this software can unlock access to secured Instagram accounts and enable ability to browse their profile without their knowing. Even if they have a business account from what you can track views count on each of your post, using our tool won't raise a view counter because it's operating secretly in a browser's background, "reading" Instagram's posts its databases source.

To try to demonstrate you more in detail how this tool works, open Instagram's website in your browser while being logged in and then view the page's source, like:
This is how our software works. It opens Instagram account from its source, then cracks the encrypted code what makes someones profile private when you try to see it from normal browser mode. At the end, when its decryption process is finished, it creates unlocked link from where you can anyone's IG profile like it's public.

How to use the tool - Instructions

1. Choose and download a version of the app for your preferable operating system: Android, iOS device, Windows or MacOS.

2. When you run the program, enter an Instagram username of the private profile you're interested to "unlock" in the field.

3. Hit the button inside the app to begin with decryption process. It takes just 30 seconds for the app to finish it.

4. The program will show you a link, when clicked, it will open your desired Instagram account in a new window of your default's browser. And of course, with all photos and videos shown as public. Time to spy!

5. Repeat the process with another private account if needed.

Note: Keep in mind you won't be able to like or make comment on any of posts of a person who are you viewing profile. This is because you will view their account as a "guest", not from Instagram official application but from your browser, like you are not logged in. For those who want to stay anonymous and undetected from targeted profile owners this might be even better.

Please also take in notice that the beta application for testers is closed since the full working version of Instagram Private Profile Viewer is released to download.