Instagram Likes Adder

We continue expanding InstaRipper tools as long as we are able to hack all of Instagram features which people use on a daily basis.

Today we present you the Instagram Likes Adder, application you can use to boost your photos or videos with up to 1000 free likes per day!

Instagram Likes Adder

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* Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

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Why it's not possible to add more then thousand of likes per day?
Since our tool is used by thousands of people from all over the world, we had to put limit inside our system so all users can enjoy our tool equally. Imagine if every user wants to add as many as possible likes to their posts, it would probably oversaturate our database of hacked Instagram accounts which are used to automatically like or follow desired Instagram profile.

Same accounts which are used for liking posts are also used with our Instagram Followers Adder app. So to provide optimal user satisfaction for everyone, we calculated that the limit of 1000 likes or followers a day per one Instagram account is not that bad at all, and it won't cause our servers to overload. However we might increase this limit in future thought.

Note: You can also spread these 1000 daily likes to multiple posts. It doesn't have to be only one post per day.

From what Instagram accounts these likes are coming from?
We have a large database of hacked accounts of which their real owners forgot login passwords or they didn't use for long time. By using InstaRipper tool which can hack Instagram password by brute-force method, we gather these inactive profiles to our inventory. So accounts what will follow you or like your posts are real ones, not fake. As the time goes or database becomes larger so in future we will possibly increase a limit of 1k likes/followers per day to a higher count.

How to Use the Tool? (Instructions)

It's very simple!

1. Download the tool & run it.

2. Copy & Paste a link of Instagram post you want to boost with likes.

3. Set a number of likes you're planning to add. (It's possible to spread 1k of daily likes to multiple posts.)

4. Hit the button to begin the process. The likes will be added very quickly.