Instagram Followers Adder

Unlike password hack feature, InstaRipper has another successful project built and ready to use, Instagram followers adder.

Now you can boost your Instagram account and increase its popularity by adding up to thousand of followers per day!
Currently 1k is the maximum limit of followers you can add inside 24 hours. This limit is issued to prevent our databases and servers from overwhelming and crashes. Because if we make it unlimited, we would need servers strong on a level like giant corporations use, such as NASA or Facebook. But since our apps and services are free of charge, we do our best to provide maximal experience for everyone as long as our system resources can handle.

Instagram Followers Adder

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* Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Macintosh

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Please keep in mind that we blocked older versions "v.1.1.0" and "v.1.2.0" from further use because they were causing a lots of bugs and app crashes which disturbed the tool from operating its functions correctly. These were beta test versions for a final stable one which is available to download from the button above.

Usage Instructions

Just like any of our tools, the IG followers adder is not exception when it comes to user friendly interface which is very easy to understand how to operate with.

All you have to do is run the app, enter your Instagram username (Without "@" sign at beginning), set an amount of followers you'd like to add and finally press the button to start the process.

And there is a new feature built in the latest version: Target Specific Country - This allows users to choose a country from where their followers will come from.

According to our latest statistics, the top 10 countries which InstaRipper users select are: United States, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico and Germany.